Jolyn. 8th july 93. That isn't my expiry date; I'm inedible- sadly. You can call me Jol, but never Jo. Extremely stubborn, and at some point of time, will probably piss you off real bad because of this. Realist that dreams. Thinks to the extent that thoughts become a black and white rainbow or a shell-less snail that isn't a slug. Climbs, bikes, writes and runs. Christian. I pray. Studies Vet entry at Murdoch University. Singaporean, lives in Perth. I blog because when you blog, you have to try to put thoughts that can't be put into words, into words, to help people understand and this process helps me figure stuff out. I like words. I like irony. Freedom, at all costs. I want to swim with a whale shark, run with a cheetah and fly the skies of the peregreine falcons before I die, and I want to die with my eyes closed and heart open.

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